Easy plants to grow with your children this spring

Spring is just around the corner and we love to tend to our garden with our children.  Have you ever thought of growing something with your little one?  You don't have to go crazy and create a big space.  A pot with some fresh soil, some tomato seeds and a watering can for little hands can create so much fun and joy.

The first time we planted with our little ones we did the classic Australian primary school experiment.  Put some cotton wool in a container, add some cotton wool and throw a handful of alfalfa seeds on top.  Water generously and sit on a sunny window ledge.  Alfalfa seeds are very forgiving and you can see growth within a week.

Outside as our confidence has grown we now involve our children in growing tomatoes, carrots and lettuce.  We have found these vegetables are quite hardly and can take knocks from small, rough hands.  The colours are also beautiful and are easily cut up in the kitchen to make a fresh salad.  This year we plant to add beetroot and try capsicums.  You could also try sunflowers, snap peas and strawberries.