Tips on Buying Your Trampoline

We get lots of emails about buying trampolines and thought it best to put these up on our blog to help out other families.  See all the trampolines we sell here.

Budget.  Be clear on what your family can afford as once you start looking you can easily fall down a rabbit hole and purchase something more expensive then you intended!

Size.  Junior trampolines are great because they are small but they only hold small children.  Determine the size of your backyard you are happy to hand over to your kids playground and this will help you choose the correct size trampoline.

Weight of your children.  The size of the trampoline is also determined by the weight of your children/adults that will be using the trampoline.  The bigger the person, the bigger the trampoline.  Using a trampoline that is too small for you will mean that the jumper won't be able to get much height and risk hitting the ground as the weight pulls the mat down.

Inground or Above Ground.  Gone are the days where you need a pump under the inground trampoline to get rid of water as trampolines are made of breathable fabric ensuring the water can evaporate.  The great benefit of an inground trampoline is it creates a smoother aesthetic in the backyard and often can't be seen from a distance.  Above Ground trampolines however can be moved and put away but their enclosures ensure that they stand out in the backyard.  Trampolines should have a 2 meter perimeter around them to ensure best clearance for the children.

Accessories.  It is possible to add ladders to help small children climb onto the trampoline, shoe storage bags to hang off the edge and ground anchors to keep the trampoline from tipping over.  The more expensive range we sell includes these accessories package and the trampoline has been designed to fold down when not in use.