Transforming Your Standard Play House and Play Centre!

This week we have been inspired by a number of families who have taken the humble Play Centre and jazzed it up to be more modern and in keeping with their homes outdoor decor.

All our Play Centres come in a natural finish.  You can leave as is, oil or vanish or take the plunge and blow away your friends with something like this!  Lots of these were done in one weekend, post putting their play centres together.  

We'd love to see what you do!

Winter Daisy Scandinavian Makeover of A Wooden Playhouse

Three years after purchasing this piece of equipment from Costo, Melissa took paint to play house and transformed this green and natural timber into a white cafe of her children's dreams.

Instagrammer Jan Scarpino took this massive Play Centre and ditched the orange timber for a monochrome finish which then made the yellow slide pop!

Finally we love House of Jade's, Kirsten Krason, of her children's Play Centre.  This two story beast was hand painted to become the fashionable addition to their families garden.