About Us

Hello!  We are two Australian sisters trying to build a small business to help support our families.  
Ultimately we hope this will allow us a more flexible working life and be able to care for our elderly relatives.
Proudly Australian owned and operated we have worked for families as nannies, at a number of the big Aussie retailers and huge advertising/digital companies.  
Over 25 years of experience has come together to make Backyard Fun and Play!
Our goal is to have competitive pricing on all types of high quality, backyard equipment and help Australian families deck out their backyards with all sorts of fun things! We aim to provide affordable outdoor children's play equipment, top-rated customer service and have competitive delivery rates for the Australian market.  
There is a wide range of high quality playground equipment on our site including sandpits, trampolines, swing sets, play centres, and play houses
All your backyard fun needs will be met. 
Sourcing the best products for our customers is our top priority and we have spent years establishing contacts to create a reputable business.
If you have any questions about our products including availability please contact us via email info@backyardfunandplay.com.au
You can also follow us on social media - Instagram and Facebook.