We Do Layby

How it works.  We have lots of request for layby information and few people finalising the layby with us.  Rather then spend time with lots of emails back and forth below is all the information to help you understand the layby. 

If you would like to go ahead email us and we will send you a secure link for the $20 non-refundable admin fee.  Once paid we are happy to spend the time with you confirming your payment plan and dates.

Some of our customers prefer to do a traditional layby and receive the products once they have paid.  Typically customers choose this option to pay before Christmas and not have to hide 4-8 boxes from prying eyes!

We set up a payment plan with you over 3 or 6 months that covers the total price of the product and your delivery fee.  

We send you a secure online link to our website for each payment.  You choose the date you pay on.  Pay with Paypal or any major debit/credit card for peace of mind.

Once you have made the first payment we inform the supplier who holds the item for you in their warehouse.

We charge a $20 non refundable admin fee to do a layby as we have extra bank charges for each payment you make.  

Once we have received your final payment your product will be dispatched for delivery.  

You can cancel at any time and we will refund the money you have paid minus the $20 non refundable admin fee.

To get an idea of your payments add the products you want to the shopping cart.  In the cart you can pop in your postcode and it will add the delivery fees.  Take the total cost and then divide by how many months/payments you are making.  Remember we will also add a $20 non refundable admin fee to the total.

Note: All Christmas Laybys must be completed by 1st December to ensure delivery in time for Christmas.

Email us your products, suburb and postcode and length of layby and we will respond with a link for your non refundable $20 admin fee.  info@backyardfunandplay.com.au